A man is placed upon the steps
         and is looking out somewhere
         across the boat pond. Young
         man, staring out at trees and
         thinking about the trees that they
         are about to turn. The boat pond has
         placed upon it many small
         boats, in which the man would
         like to sail across the boat
         pond to find a young
         woman on the other side,

         his young wife, just arrived,
         greeting him. A young wife
         meeting him for lunch.
         The steps disappear behind
         him as she sees him step
         down and turn toward the boat pond.
         He is looking somewhere
         near her for her while she notices
         her man’s height, his shoes, then
         they look at each other in the eyes.
         They are a young couple about to embrace.

         A young woman edges out
         the subway station, thinking
         something about turning herself.
         Young woman, right through
         the cross street then left
         on the avenue, thinks about
         her young husband, who sits
         waiting and thinking about trees
         somewhere near the edge
         of the boat pond. He turns toward
         her just when she appears, sees
         her shoes and he smiles.
         The subway train sails through the station.

                  Do you remember how we
                  met in the museum and met
                  in the park for lunch, seeing
                  each other across the empty
                  pond, the woman says as she
         grows older, turning more into
         herself. An older man, swiveling,
         still smiling, saying,
                  If I think about our time
                  in New York
                  then I think that time
                  for me
                  it is unforgettable.

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