in parts.
         Simple things:
         some facts,
         some stars,
         a girl.

         it came
         from me.
         the universe.
         I challenged God,
         he took up arms,
         then there we struggled but I won.

         New world
         in parts.
         Perfect things:
         some books,
         some help,
         my muse!

         it came
         to me.
         I repeat,
         now it’s from.
         Once God was gone
         he made me smile,
         I felt vertigo but I didn’t fall.

         a release,
         instant peace,
         not for answers
         being found,
         but questions lost.
         don’t ask.
         don’t ask.
         It’s not ours to know.

         not to ask.
         Who told
         you so?
         You Devil’s fool,
         I teased myself,
         I did find joy!
         Just ask me
         whose last word was last.

         appearance counts.
         Many others
         looking in
         to my own soul.
         it’s clear.
         then fear.
         It is mine to make.

         So ask
         just in case.
         Who sold
         whose soul?
         I’m really right—
         I made myself
         from God’s mistake.
         My garden’s
         acres rich and real.

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