The little river barely moved
         that summer
         I barely made a move either

         The drought got worse while
         idle people scratched at this and that

         Friends around me—they were quiet
         I was
         longing so
         The cul-de-sacs were sick with thirst
         from sipping poison

         The bank had sunk down to the water
         falling like a drunk man

             Remind me with your closing eyes
             this taxi
             is just like that droughted river

             We chug through traffic
             slowly, quietly as you and me

             D., I want to hold you, our arms
             in back seats
             Our natures appearing in signs
             on Times Square billboards

             The street slows down beside the nighttime
             open as any man

         Two people embraced near the trees
         standing quiet

         The river idled slowly under floats
         The shadows of the trees became the little ripples
         on the water’s silent skin

         A deeper yellow settled on the ground then
         An afternoon descending

         There, what could anyone say aloud
         It was all the same, simply echoes

             Two people slouching in a car
             We are quiet

             The traffic signal slowly turns to green
             The weekend buoys the boys and girls from close,
             dull suburbs
             and we gently proceed through

             A darker moment and mood in your eyes now
             The sleeplessness of evening

             Here, what haven’t I said to you
             Like summer did, we are waiting

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