for Jérémie Bélingard

         I was standing still
            amidst the traffic
               roiling Times Square

         Summer afternoon
            How could I know what
               I would wait there for?

         Summer city heat
            Some tourists walking
               in some language
                  that they understand

         The buildings rising high
            I cupped their lights
               in my hands

         And then I saw the moon
            already higher than those buildings
               Yet how could I know
                  it would shine through
                     evening’s shadow?

         The streets were full
            Their lines were fine
               The light was dull
                  I was still standing still

         The cars were
            coming quickly
               City moving
                  and my feet fast

         Traffic light
            The wind
               a horn
                  a fan
                     a flash

         There was a
            sudden boom
               a smile
                  a dog
                     a cart
                        a bike
                           me waiting

         Then I greeted one friend
            then appeared another
               another appeared, then

         Then only wonder when I

         A smiled silent moment
            set in motion
               my emotion then
         A smiled silent moment
            Times Square fade-out
               as night came out bright
         A million quiet moments
            walking slowly
               turning softly
                  knowing nothing
                     saying only
         simple words that
            I forgot my-

         Going through the night
            Uncertain gestures
               in a certain light
         that I recognized

         A memory that
            I could not keep clear

         All around a meal
            Your laughter
               echoed in me
                  from long ago

         My language
            grew into the
               language you know

         A movement from your shoulder
            rising in hand
               exclaiming a wave
         A movement curving your leg
            Each new moment
               showing who you are
         A movement in your turning
         A movement turning you in
         An invisible movement
                  turned me an expert
                     into a novice

         And then the night starts to recede
            a future drawn
               tourists gone home

         Till I was sitting still
            the restaurant bare
               evening air blows

         The midtown lights
            the grids
               the walls
                  a wind
                     a bird
                        your hair

            friends now parting
               then another
                  and the others
         I was falling without knowing how

         A smiled silent moment
            A silent million moments
               A million silent movements
                  A million finest moments
         Your quiet tilted movement
            My tilting final moments
               Your final brilliant movement
                  A final lilting moment

         my million quiet moments
            rolling in a
               taxi cab, chang-

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